Have you Visited One of the Many Miniature Museums Before?

Have you Visited One of the Many Miniature Museums Before?

One thing the USA has is a good stock of miniature museums. Ok not for everyone but the Americans are always known for doing things ‘big’.

If you enjoy history, culture or just fancy doing something at a slower pace then a visit one of the many miniature museums.

Miniature Museums

There are museums that feature miniatures located all over the country and Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis has a great exhibition.

While many are larger museums that choose to display miniature amongst their other exhibits, there are a few that exclusively have miniature houses, miniature dolls and miniature furniture.

The Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis is one such place. Created in 1989, the museum provides a hosting site for educational events of cultural relevance.

In addition to its displays, The Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis conducts workshops for hobbyists of all skill levels and abilities.

Builders of miniature houses may also be interested in the “miniatures only” garage sale hosted here every year.

Located for many years within the Knott’s Berry Farm complex, Motts Miniatures is now located nearby in Fullerton, California.

This historic company, founded by the Mott Family in 1911, features an extensive collection of miniature houses and miniature dolls.

Allegra Mitchell’s fascination with miniature dolls began with ones that she would collect from Cracker Jack boxes.

A few years later, after she had married a young man named DeWitt Mott, they began to share their love of miniature houses and DeWitt started to make them.

Though the museum has had hard time staying open since leaving the Knott’s Berry farm facility, the shop that sells miniature supplies is still open and operational.

The Museum of Miniature Houses, located in Carmel, Indiana is a great place to view private collections and to attend events pertaining to miniature houses and the miniature furniture used to accessorize them.

Founded in 1991, the museum is a non-profit organization supported by members and friends.

Annual events and fundraisers also help to fund operating expenses.

In addition to miniatures, the museum also houses a number of books and periodicals on the topic.

This literature is available for purchase.

The Museum of Science and Industry, found in Chicago, Illinois, houses one of the largest and most extensively detailed miniature displays in existence.

Colleen Moore commissioned the massive piece, which fills and entire room.

The piece, valued at over $500,000, required the skills and attention of more than 700 workers.

This is a great example of a miniature house that is contained within the setting of a larger museum.

Walterboro, South Carolina may seem like an unlikely place for a destination holiday.

If, however, you enjoy the homey atmosphere of a bed and breakfast and are one who enjoys miniature houses and dolls, then it just might be the place for your next trip.

Diana Forde and Henry Ruthinoski set up their bed and breakfast to also function as a museum for their extensive collection of miniatures.

Imagine spending your holidaying in a museum where the exhibits never close!

A holiday to America does not have to be non stop action, taking time out to visit one of the miniature museums is fun for all the family.

It’s great for kids, educational and how many of your friends back home would believe you if your told them you spent time on you holiday in America visiting miniature museums!

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